Fédération Nationale

des Carnivores

Eating Meet Permit

Eating meat in France is an extremely regulated activity. Using  in a sustainable manner the natural resource of game, livestock, poultry and all land animal species, it is only natural that we require the meat eater to have a good knowledge of the species, just to identify them before their extraction, the environments they live in, as well as all the rules which allow carnivores to fit in well among nature users.

Particular attention is placed on motivations. Passing the national exam allows you to get the permanent title of the carnivore licence and to have it ratified.


Step 1


Take the Exam

The exam for the licence to eat meat consists in a single session which includes practical exercises and a workshop of theoretical questions. This method of exam for the hunting licence is focused on the safety and mastery of tracking, capture and putting to death techniques of the prey without firearm.

Step 2


Ratify the Permit

The ratification of the hunting licence is the payment of a fee allowing you to eat meat for three years. To maintain your licence valid, you will have to resit the exam after this 3-year period, and pay a new fee corresponding to this new period.

Accompanied carnivores

The Accompanied Carnivores licence allows minors from 13 to 18 years old to eat meat free of charge by taking the exam alongside a referrer holding the carnivore licence. The minor shall then attend the exam of his referrer without taking part in the prey tracking.

Loss of Licence, duplicate

Should you lose your hunting licence or if it is destroyed, you must ask for the “issuance of a duplicate” with the National Office of Carnivores and Land Fauna.

The hand that kills does not shake.

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